Some of our Musical Friends: - THE Music Resource

The deep largely-acoustic odd-time grooves of Oval League!!

Holy mother of Poo!! it's: Cracker Factory!!

We used to play in this here band with TQ Berg. You might still find some mp3s of us here.

Robert Kirkpatrick's No Mind music site.

Home of the monster-metalli-stunt-funkin' trio, 'The Consul'.

James Whiton's website. One of Seattle's most amazing bass players.

The Revolving Jugglers. A zany rock juggernaut.

Home of Frank Jordan. Check these guys out.

What's Crazier than hEEnd? It's Brian Kenney Fresno!

Website of stellar Trumpet player Nick Dyson.

Homepage of the loveable guitar-weilding madman, Five Philpin!

Jason Lollar's guitars and pickups. He built a kick-ass 18" pickup for Xylor.


Mr. Spot's Chai House: hot-beverage masters and supreme live-music supporters.

A great place to see us when we're in Anacortes.

A "Northwest Creative Instrument Builder's" article at, featuring an interview with Adrian and Andrew.

Visual Arts:

The Art of Dylan Marshall Sisson: Wall-eyed Curiosities with Big Teeth (He done made the cover painting for "Nice Feathers"!)

The disturbing and beautiful Art-Blog of "Gimpy" Bart Kaufman!


Treehugger: Links to lots of attractive sustainable clothes and other things of interest to the Treehugger in us all.

The Cob Cottage Company: a great starting place for learning how to build your very own beautiful, cozy, sustainable home out of stuff you can dig up from your yard.

The Bullocks Permaculture Portal: Folks as close as Orcas Island are living sustainably by applying the basic principles of Permaculture to their specific site.

General Brilliance:

The undeniable goodness of!